Flying First Class: The Best Airlines to Fly On

Traveling first class may not be for everyone, but it’s surely an experience to remember if you can afford it. It always has the best for everyone who travels availing of it; you can experience a completely different treatment and a whole other level of service. One of the issues, however, is that you need to pay a premium price for it.

There are airliners that offer the best first class, but the more important fact is economy-class flights that feel like first class. Here they are.

Air New Zealand (

AirlineRatings have Air New Zealand topping the list for five consecutive years. AirlineRatings places premium on economy seats and business class seats that make its customers feel like they’re truly flying business class. Air New Zealand, for their part, has managed to continue its innovative practices as well as a staff that’s always ready to serve.

Qatar Airways (Skytrax)

Skytrax, meanwhile, recognizes Qatar Airways for its performance. It places the same importance for economy and business classes; that Qatar Airways managed to snag the award over Air New Zealand speaks about its dedication to excellence. From seats to first-class reservations, Qatar Airways is dedicated to the same excellence that Air New Zealand displays.

Honorable Mentions:

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines may have a young crew but youth for them means more effectiveness for focus on service and user experience. The Singapore Girl—Singapore Airlines’ official mascot on advertising campaigns—is a recognizable brand worldwide. It is a symbol of the high-class service and experience customers can expect every time they fly this airline.


From only two aircraft since they began in 1985, Emirates boasts of a record number of 230 planes flying to different destinations worldwide. They have 140 places they fly to on a daily to weekly basis, with a network that is steadily expanding and more countries being served. Their flights—coming from Dubai—have reached to around 1,500 flights weekly.


Lufthansa has always been a brand associated with class and prestige. The largest German airline flies over 260 planes with new models—the A350 and the Boeing 747-8. The largest airline in Europe, it continues to defy expectations as well as re-invent itself as time passes by. It is a member of the Star Alliance, an aviation alliance that spans the globe.

Airliners have a duty to serve their customers the best they can. These airliners have already done it; that doesn’t mean you can’t choose new airliners, but these are pretty good choices.

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